Top 20 HP QC ALM Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Application Lifecycle Management is a popular QC-oriented software tool produced by Micro Focus with the aim of thoroughly developing and testing any web application. Many organizations rely on this tool to save time and effort spent on the project as it helps in effective project planning, requirement analysis, productive testing, and final deployment at the […]

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Top 20 Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

In today’s competitive digital market, software testing plays an indispensable role in delivering error-free products to the end-users by catering to all their requirements. Manual testing has gained huge attention as it promises thorough end-to-end testing by checking all possible scenarios. This article will cover the important questions to help testers equip their knowledge base […]

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What are Business Analyst BA Certification Requirements

What are Business Analyst Certification Requirements?

A business analyst combines business insight and data skills for analytics-driven IT organizations. For gaining grip over the competitive business world, the business analyst certification offers a golden opportunity for professionals. The business analyst certification course arranges and equips business analysis professionals by feeding major competencies and expertise.  What is a business analyst?  A business […]

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Difference Between Business Analyst and System Analyst

Difference between Business Analyst and System Analyst

Many prosperous businesses hire business analysts and system analysts for their operations. To escalate the communications and processes in the industry and enhance the performance works best by selecting the best business analyst and system analyst. Individuals curious about proving successful in careers such as system analysts and business analysts should first know the difference […]

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What is End to End Testing and How to Perform It

What is End to End Testing and How to Perform It?

The prime significance of any software industry is aiming towards excellent quality software with sound innovation. Testing the software product is a crucial phase that guarantees the software product for clients. Though ample testing techniques are embraced in the software industry, end-to-end testing is a leading and celebrated technique observed by many testers and developers. […]

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Roles and Responsibilities of Quality Analyst in Software Development

From the beginning to the finish of a software project, the role of a quality analyst (QA) is important. Their primary responsibility is to finish manual testing before going on to automation. They must ensure that all of the testing functions are up and running. A quality analyst helps with project planning, design, and execution, […]

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Software Development Life Cycle

Different Methodologies in Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle: The software development lifecycle or SDLC is a methodology used by software groups designing, developing and testing software. By employing the SDLC cycle, high-quality software that satisfies customers within the deadline is delivered. Learn Different Methodologies used in Software Development Life Cycle. There are six methodologies of SDLC used by software […]

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10 Software Testing Trends to Watch Out in 2021

2021 is expected to be a remarkable year in advancement and up gradation of software testing tools and techniques. IT companies around the world are in a race to implement the best QA practices. A whole new transformation in the software development process cannot be ruled out. As per the prediction, the following ten software […]

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An Evolution from Software Quality Assurance to Test Engineering

Earlier when software development was newly arriving, the act of Quality Assurance (QA) wasn’t as meaningful as it is today. Back then QA was just a formal process of making sure the software fulfils the reasons why it is being prepared. Companies were doing QA simultaneously with software development. It was just a post checking […]

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How to perform mobile application testing?

How to Perform Mobile Application Testing?

During the current era, the mobile phone is probably the most necessary device for people. The daily living of almost everyone is carried by a smartphone in many ways. Applications are essential elements that make a smartphone as useful as it is today. Beginning from one, applications have come a long way. Advanced technologies and […]

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