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We offer a comprehensive online QA Training course along with QA Certifications. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for all Software Testing(Quality Assurance Course, QTP Training) related training including Functional Testing, User Acceptance Testing, HP ALM Quality Center, Jira, Automation, these topics are all part of our online Quality Assurance Program. In addition,

 Our QA Course also covers the basics of databases, SQL queries, Unix, Windows which are crucial and handy once you start your career as a QA professional. In our Online QA Training, your QA skills will ensure that you hit the ground running from Day 1 of your Software Testing career.

 The duration of our Online Quality Assurance Course & Advanced HP UFT (QTP training) course is 5 or 10 weeks depending on whether you choose to go via the Fast Track or Normal route. We have classes daily (6 days a week including weekends) except on Mondays. The class duration is 1hour 30 mins and it starts at 9 pm (Eastern time).

 A Normal track course has a duration of 10 weeks with 5 weeks devoted to Manual Testing and Basic & Advanced HP UFT( QTP), QA Course classes run for the next 5 weeks. The Fast Track QA course runs for 5 weeks.

 Our Online QA training benefits candidates who want to start a career in software testing as well as experienced software professionals who would like to fine tune their software testing skills and also those preparing for professional QA certifications. Our QA Course is the stepping stone for your IT career.

Our QA Training Course

Our QA trainers are certified professionals with a vast IT testing experience in various domains like Insurance, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Pharma, B2B and Telecommunications. Our main trainer comes with more than 20 years of industry experience, so do come talk to us, for any query relating to Software Testing, QA training, Automation Tools, Software Testing jobs and QA Certifications. In our QA Course, we offer a unique ‘1-week free’ trial class, so you are welcome to try the class before you decide to enroll. Hope to meet you soon! To get an idea of the topics covered, please see the details below.

QA Training Course Syllabus

 QA Orientation
 Class Schedule
 Tools and Technologies
 Lab Access
 Testing Skill requirement

  •  Functional Testing
  •  Blackbox, Whitebox, Greybox testing
  •  Static Testing or Reviews
  •  Blackbox testing techniques
    • Boundary value analysis
    • Equivalence class partitioning
    • Error guessing
    • Positive testing
    • Negative testing

 How to Write Test Scenarios and Test Cases
 Regression Testing

 SDLC – V Model
 Software Architecture

 UML Diagram
 What is WBS
 Sanity/Smoke Testing
 Integration Testing

 What is System Testing?
 Types of review
 User Acceptance Test
 Alpha and Beta Testing

 What is Hotfix, Patch and Service Pack
 Security Testing/Penetration Testing
 Look and Feel Testing
 Accessibility Testing
 Compatibility Testing

 Cookies Testing
 Session Timeout Testing
 Multilanguage Testing
 Mobile Testing
 Responsive Testing
 Native Testing
 Mobile Testing Challenges
 Different types of testing on Mobile

 Software Test Life Cycle (STLC)
 Content of Test Plan (IEEE Standard Test Plan)
 Requirement traceability Matrix

 Expert Opinion
 Previous Experience
 Percentage of Development Time Estimation
 Functional Point effort Estimation
 Poker Estimation

 Validation and Verification
 What is Database
 SQL for Testers
 Basic Unix Commands
 Lab access for Unix

 What is performance Testing
 Load, Stress and Volume Testing
 Sample Loadrunner Report
 Role of manual tester in Performance Testing
 Agile Methodology
 Role of Scrum Master
 Burndown chart
 Daily Stand up meeting
 Implementing Scrum

 About JIRA
 Create stories in JIRA
 Create Subtask
 Change Aissignee and Status of story
 History of ALM QC
 Creating Test Case in QC

 Version Control in QC
 QC Test Execution
 Defect Life Cycle
 Severity and Priority
 Difference between Bug and Defect

 Defect Reporting
 Defect Tracking
 Creating Requirements
 Requirement Mapping to Test Cases
 Defect Mapping
 Report generation using Wizard
 Report generation from QC Database
 Next steps towards job interviews

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