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Selenium training Toronto

We offer Selenium online training along with Selenium Certifications that includes all the important topics using the Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium, Selenium Web Driver and Selenium Grid. Our Online Selenium Training is suitable for beginners as well as manual testers who would like to get automation exposure, we will teach you all the strategies of creating powerful automated web tests with Java during the selenium course. You will also learn Java basics during the selenium training. Check out the various other courses we offer like our BA Training, Online QA Course & SQL Training.

About Selenium Software

 Selenium is an open source testing  tool  for internet-based applications across various browsers and platforms. It is similar to QTP but is meant for automation of only web based Applications. Selenium is used for automation of browser based testing across different platforms, so it comes in handy for Regression Testing, creating Test Data, Functional Testing and automation-aided exploratory testing, reproducing bugs etc.

 Our Online Selenium Training is a practical based course which includes theory, practical examples as well as presentation. You can easily practice whatever you will learn in each and every section of selenium training. We have a 24×7 remote lab available for you to practice what you learn.

 We offer selenium online training and a unique 3-month on the job support for our candidates, once you start working as a Software Testing professional, in case you need any help, we are here to iron out any issues you may face.

Selenium Course Modules

 Core Java : First program in Java, Simple class and methods

 Selenium IDE : Record and Playback

 WebDriver : Selenium

 TestNG : Reports generation

 Jenkins : Build management and CI (Continuous Integration)

 Git : Version controlling

 Frame work (Page Object Model)

 Maven framework

Selenium Training Syllabus

 What is automation testing?
 Introduction to Selenium
 Selenium Variants
 Supported Platforms (Browsers, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)
 How Selenium Works?
 Comparison between Selenium and QTP

 Overview of Object Oriented Concepts
 Classes, Objects, Constructors and methods
 Method Overloading
 Method Overriding
 Access Modifiers
Looping and Conditions

 Setting up Selenium IDE
 IDE in detail – Features and Components
 Record and Playback in IDE
 Editing Scripts in Selenium IDE
 Running a Test Script
 Selenium Commands

 Open and Click Commands
 Verification Commands
 Locator Elements
 Wait Commands
 Storing Variables and Store Commands

 Supported Automation Frameworks
 Setting up Eclipse
 JUnit Vs TestNG
 Executing Selenium Scripts using JUnit and Test NG
 Sequential and Parallel Execution
 Storing Results
 Why Webdriver?
 How Webdriver works?
 Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver
 Setting up webdriver
 Creating scripts using Webdriver
 Playing with UI objects using Webdriver, handling Frames, Alerts
 Cross browser testing using Webdriver
 Using Page Objects in WebDriver
 Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.
 GitHub with Eclipse
 Prioritising Test Cases

 What, Why and How
 Page Factory
 Advantages of POM
 How to Implement POM

 Using Property files in Selenium
 Maven with Selenium
 Jenkins with Selenium

 Data Driven Framework
 Keyword Driven Framework

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    Why Consider a Selenium specialist career path in the IT industry

    Any discussion pertaining to web testing tools would certainly bring in Selenium. Change is the only constant in technology and any professional in the IT field should be ready for any sort of radical shifts in technology. Technology change is happening at a brisk pace which would bring in some future shock. However, your life could be a box of chocolate may be a pleasant surprise if you are equipped with new skills.

    Technology is steadily turning towards AI and Automation. This transformation is inevitable and there is NO Sci-fi about it. Software testing is required to ensure a bug-free quality product. A career in testing would kick-start your career and provides ample opportunities to excel in the software industry. Selenium is a way forward that would boost your career.

    Several companies are moving towards web application that requires test automation. Thereby, there is a rise in demand for experts in Selenium. Big shots in tech industries, such as Facebook & Microsoft, are opting for Selenium. Selenium Professionals are in huge demand for companies that are fully into websites.

    The Responsibilities of Selenium certification are quite critical.

    A certified professional should tackle automation and manual test. Apart from technical skills, team management is an important task for Selenium-certified professionals. Comprehensive knowledge of testing methods is mandatory. To sum up, every Selenium-certified professional should possess good communication skills and excellent Analytical abilities. Proper Time management and organizational abilities are mandatory.

    A normal certificate is only for entry-level. Most of the skills and training on new technologies will begin after hiring. It would take at least a minimum of 2-3 years of experience to gain expertise where any professional would require less supervision. To climb the position of team lead or senior software tester would take a minimum of 5-6 years of experience. Join the Selenium Certifies course at getting Software Service and embark on a fascinating career.

    Who is eligible for the Selenium Training Course?

    Any programmer or Software professional is eligible for Selenium Training Course. Any aspirant should have sound knowledge of programming languages such as Ruby, Python, and Java. It is mandatory to learn programming language before joining Selenium Training Course.

    What will you accomplish after completion of the course?

    Join Get Software Service and upgrade yourself by joining the online Selenium Webdriver Training program. It’s a proper amalgamation of theory and practical. The presentation is outstanding and 24/7 lab is available to practice and hone your skills. There is also job support as an internship to gain valuable experience. After completing the course there are several roles available such as:

    • Senior Test Engineer
    • Automation Analyst
    • QA Engineer
    • Automation Test Lead
    • Quality Engineer

    Watch Our Selenium Training Videos

    Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial

    Selenium Java Basics Testing Tutorial

    Selenium Introduction

    Selenium WebDriver


    Why Should I learn this course from Get Software Service?

    At Get Software Service, we don't just train you for certification exams; we prepare you for a fulfilling and growing career. We aim to make you a valuable resource for any business or industry by teaching you skills based on real industry projects and challenges. We give you the tools you need to develop your talents for a specific job rather than just giving you knowledge and information.

    Our programmes will help you develop your skills and help you see yourself as a professional in your job requirement and position, empowering you to act and think accordingly.

    Do you provide video-based or live online courses?

    Get Software Service provides teams and organizations with online, in-person, and video-based training.

    What assistance do we provide for your selenium certification exams?

    The student must pass their certification exams rationally with the help of the course material provided by us because our online Selenium Training preparation and certification course schedule have been established. The mentor's bowing, which indicates that he is a professional in his field, becomes increasingly important as he offers you various tips and tricks. After organizing quantifiable interest in progression, test structures, industry requirements, etc., the most significant social gathering of managing experts developed our online Selenium course. This framework clarifies things for you in a compassionate manner during your certification test.

    How do we help you with your job Interview?

    Our trainees regularly administer challenging spoken tests, assuring you to review the strategies and advancements gathered with a Selenium expert. As a result, when it comes time for your gathering round, you are fearless in communicating or explaining things because you may have already done so throughout your interviews and concepts.

    How can we help you in your endeavour to get a job?

    We'll be able to provide you with everything you need to start working for a possible MNC. In addition, we will help you develop the authority to find a new career by providing the entire course materials, explaining the changing circumstances, and building up your resume.

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