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SQL Server Training

sql server training, sql server course, online sql server training, online sql course,sql training, online sql training, sql course, online sql course,sql online, sql database, online sql database, sql server, sql server online, learn sql online, sql certifications, sql training and placementsOur SQL Server Training includes SQL, SQL Server, SQL Programming and Database Development. The SQL Server Training includes presentations, demos and hands-on lab. Our Certified Software Testing Trainers will teach you in this SQL Course, how to create and maintain Microsoft SQL Server Database. In our SQL Server Training you can learn SQL , create tables , queries and all SQL procedures. We will teach you in-depth knowledge of SQL database which is mainly useful for software testers. Check out the various other courses we offer like our BA Training, Online QA Course, Selenium Training and SoapUI Testing Training.

Why Learn SQL

SQL or structured query language is a primary language and it is used to interact with databases. Combining two data documents and identify the specific data can be more time consuming and tough task. Using SQL queries we can easily identify the data. With SQL server there is more support for database.

In our SQL Server Course you can learn SQL server with advanced concepts. Our SQL Server Course is a practical based course which includes theory, practical examples as well as presentation. You can easily practice whatever you will learn in each and every section of SQL Server training. We have a 24×7 remote lab available for you to practice what you learn in entire SQL Server Course.

We offer a unique ‘1 week free’ trial SQL Server Course class, so you are welcome to try the class before you decide to enroll.

Why Learn SQL - Importance of SQL Server Training

Understand the application better
Understand the HLD/LLD documents(SDD)
Better test cases/test execution/verification of test results – System/UAT
Test Data preparation
Inserting data into the databases manually using SQL queries
Requesting Production Cut
Access Control & Authentication

SQL Server Training Syllabus

Intro to databases
What are databases?
What are RDBMS?
What is SQL
Data Types in SQL
Referential Integrity – primary key, foreign key
Writing SQL Queries
Creating databases, inserting, deleting data into tables
SQL queries with conditions
SQL Joins
How to include SQL into testing
Lab includes installing SQL Server Express 2014 and practice exercises as homework every day.

SQL Server Training Lab Sessions

Executing Basic SELECT Statements
Executing queries which filter data using predicates
Executing queries which sort data using ORDER BY
Write simple SELECT Statements
Eliminate Duplicates Using Distinct
Use Table and Column Aliases
Use a Simple CASE Expression
Writing Queries that use multiple table Joins – inner, outer, self and cross joins
Writing queries that filter data using a WHERE clause
Writing queries that filter data using an ORDER BY clause
Writing queries that filter data using the TOP option
Writing queries that filter data using the Subqueries
Designing Tables
Working with Schemas
Creating and Altering Tables & Views
Create constraints and indexes
Writing queries that use date and time functions
Writing queries that use character functions
Writing queries with data type conversions
Write queries which use conversion functions
Write queries which use logical functions
Write queries which test for NULLABILITY
Write queries which use the GROUP BY clause
Write queries which use aggregate functions
Write queries which use distinct aggregate functions
Write queries which filter groups with the HAVING clause
Write queries which use self-contained Subqueries
Write queries which use scalar and multi-result Subqueries
Write queries which use correlated Subqueries and EXISTS predicate
Write queries which use Views
Write queries which use derived Tables
Write queries which use Common Table Expressions
Write queries which use Inline Table-Valued Functions
Write queries which use UNION set operators and UNION ALL multi-set operators
Write queries which use CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY operators
Write queries which use EXCEPT and INTERSECT operators
Write queries which use ranking functions
Write queries which use offset functions
Write queries which use the PIVOT operator
Write queries which use the UNPIVOT operator
Querying System Catalog Views
Querying System Functions
Querying System Dynamic Management Views
Writing stored procedures
Use the EXECUTE statement to invoke stored procedures
Pass parameters to stored procedures
Generating Dynamic SQL
Redirecting Errors with TRY / CATCH
Controlling transactions with BEGIN, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK
Adding error handling to a CATCH block
Viewing Query Execution Plans
Viewing Index Usage and Using SET STATISTICS Statements

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SQL – Introduction

SQL – Basic commands

SQL Training - SQL Basics

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