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Appium is the an open-source automation tool for mobile applications. Appium is the leading mobile application technology and in this three types of mobile applications are includes. They are native, hybrid and web application testing.  It is a cross- platform application testing which drives Android and iOS.    Appium supports all languages that have Selenium client libraries like- Java, C, JavaScript with node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, C# etc.

Appium  Training

We offer online training on mobile testing using appium. In our Appium training we provide mobile automation testing tool along with Appium Certifications. Learn mobile testing with appium requires basic java skills and selenium basics which we cover in this appium training. Our Appium Course is suitable for beginners as well as manual testers who would like to get mobile app automation exposure.

In Appium Training in Toronto provides students to learn selenium , mobile application testing using appium and you will get complete knowledge of how to create automation test cases, how to running and analyze the automation test cases in mobile test automation. Check out the various other courses we offer like our BA Training, Online QA Course ,SQL Training & SoapUI Training.

Our appium Training is a practical based mobile testing appium course which includes theory, practical examples on mobile testing tools, as well as presentation. You can easily practice whatever you will learn in each and every section of appium training. We have a 24×7 remote lab available for you to practice what you learn. Our appium testing course offers appium classes online and we will assist you in resume preparation, appium jobs.

Advantages of Appium Training

  • Free 7 Days demo class
  • 24/7 lab facility
  • Preparation for ISTQB Certification
  • 100% Job Assistance

Appium Training Mobile Automation Course Content

Overview of Object Oriented Concepts
Classes, Objects, and methods
Data Types, Access Modifiers
String Basics and operations
Interfaces, Inheritance, Static Methods
Looping and Conditions
Exception Handling
Collection Library – List, Hash Map, Hash Table
What is automation testing?
Introduction to Appium
Selenium Variants
Supported Platforms (Versions, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)
How Appium Works?
Comparison between Selenium and Appium
Setting up Appium app
Appium in detail – Features and Components
Setting up Appium services
Editing Scripts in Appium
Running a Test Script
Appium Commands
Launch app and Click Commands
Verification Commands
Locator Elements
Wait Commands
Storing Variables and Store Commands
Supported Automation Frameworks
Setting up Eclipse
JUnit Vs TestNG
Executing Selenium Scripts using JUnit and Test NG
Sequential and Parallel Execution
Storing Results
Why Webdriver?
How Webdriver works?
Setting up Maven
Setting up Cucumber
Creating scripts end to end
Playing with UI objects using Webdriver, handling Frames, Alerts
Multiple OS testing
Multiple Capabilities, Screenshots etc.
Using Page Objects
TestNg Framework
Prioritising Test Cases
What, Why and How
Page Factory
Advantages of POM
How to Implement POM
Using Property files in Appium
Maven with Appium
Jenkins with Appium
Data Driven Framework
Keyword Driven Framework