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Learn SoapUI Web Services Testing Online - SoapUI Certifications

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About SoapUI Web Services/REST API Testing

SoapUI is an Open source API Testing Application for Representational state transfers (REST) and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) . SoapUI allows you to easily create and execute automated regression, functional, compliance and load tests. SoapUI used for grouping functional tests into logical units. SoapUI provides complete test coverage and supports all the technologies and standard protocols.

We Have Dedicated Trainers who can help in clarify the student’s queries and job assistance, Interview Preparation

SOAP UI Course Contents

What is Web Services?
What is XML?
What is WSDL?
Information on SOAP UI and SOAP UI Pro
Download and Installation of SOAP UI
Static and Non-Static Variables and Functions
Arrays and Loops
Class and Interface
Object and Object Reference
Exception Handling
SOAP Protocol
Implementing Web service with SOAP
What is WSDL and how it represents web service
Importing WSDL
What is namespace?
Creating Test Suites and Test Cases
What is assertion?
How to work with Assertions
What is context?
How to work with Context
Properties at Test Case, Test Suite, Project and Global
Practical Usage and importance of properties
Handling Properties
What is Ready API?
Download and install Ready API
Ready API with SOAP and REST
Introduction of REST
Working with REST
Reading GET, POST, PUT and Delete requests

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