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QTP Training Program

QTP Online Training, HP UFT Training

We offer practical oriented HP UFT Course with live examples and test scripts. Our QTP Program is designed to help both beginner’s and experienced software professionals to learn and use QTP in real time environment. In QTP Course, Our certified & experienced trainer will help you understand the subject in a simple way.

About HP UFT

 HP UFT stands for HP Unified Functional Testing software or the Quick Test Professional (QTP), a product of Hewlett Packard (HP). This testing tool allows software testers to automate functional testing, thus creating automated test scripts for regression, functional testing, creating test data etc. QTP tool makes use of the VBScript scripting language to create the automation test scripts. The scripting engine does not have to be installed entirely because it is an existing element of the Windows OS.

 If you are looking for QTP Training, this is the right course for you! We also have a remote lab available 24×7 for you to practice and hone your skills in QTP.

 On the job support: If you need assistance with QTP scripting, debugging etc in your current project, we can provide assistance to resolve errors, rewrite scripts and get you moving ahead. Our experienced QTP professionals can log in remotely and get the script working in no time.

We deliver Online Advanced QTP Training:

 Batch or group classes

 One on One training

 On the job support

QTP Training Course Syllabus

Automation Introduction
Return On Investment (ROI)
Automation Tools evaluation
Projects suitable for automation
Types of Test Cases to Automate
History of QTP/UFT

 UFT Installation
 Types of License
 Add-in Manager Window
 Record & Playback
 Analyse Result File
 Role of Manual Tester

 About Object Repository
 InBuilt CheckPoints
 Exist Method
 VBScript Execution in Notepad

 Password Encoder
 Trouble Shooting UFT Issues

 Different Types of Frameworks
 Automation Scripting Standards and Naming Convention
 Option Explicit

 Different ways of adding Objects to OR
 Loops in VBScript
 Exit Loops
 Recovery Scenario Wizard

 Wait Vs Sync
 FileSystem Object for Folders
 FileSystem Object for Files
 Regular Expressions

 Left and Right Functions
 DataBase Testing using UFT
 Batch Execution

 Creating Shared OR
 Converting Local OR to Shared OR
 Merging Repositories

 Import Data from Excel to Data Table
 Read data from Excel
 Multiple iterations

 Creating Functional Lib
 User Defined Functions
 InBuilt Functions

 Writing script using descriptive Programming

 Debugging technique
 Screen Recorder
 Automation Process

 Integration QTP with QC
 Convert Manual to Automation
 Individual and Batch Execution
 Schedule Runs
 Saving Resource files in QC

 What is API?
 API Testing using UFT
 Multiple Iterations

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