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Frequently Asked Questions

What Quality Assurance concepts are covered in the course?

The Quality Assurance course includes fundamentals of software testing, Quality Center, LoadRunner, Unix and SQL basics, Basic & Advanced QTP. Please refer our QA training page for more details.

What is the content of the Advanced QTP course?

Basics of QTP, Visual Basic scripting, descriptive programming etc. Please refer our QTP Training page for further details.

What is the course duration? What are the course timings?

The duration of our Quality Assurance & Advanced QTP training course is  5 or 10 weeks depending on whether you choose to go via the Fast Track or Normal route. We have classes daily (6 days a week including weekends) except on Tuesdays. The class duration is  1 hour 15 min and it starts at 9 pm (Eastern time).

Do attend out Software Testing trial classes. We do not charge any fee for  the first week of the course and you can drop from the course if it does not meet your expectations.

What is the course fee?

You can pay the fee after one week of trial class. Please contact us for individual course fee.

Do you provide live project experience?

We explain the examples on production sites. We also help you to get you freelance testing projects.

Advantage of freelance testing projects are

  1. You will be paid while doing freelance testing projects from your home through remote login
  2. You will gain hands on experience on live projects

Do you give job guarantee? Do you provide placement assistance?

After  the successful completion of the course, we do resume walk-through, mock interviews and placement assistance. We have a tie up for placement assistance, our marketing team will try to arrange client interviews. We cannot however give a 100% guarantee.

Do you provide study material?

Yes, soft copies of study material will be provided throughout the course.

When is the next batch starting?

We start exclusive 1 on 1 class with immediate start date as per your desired dates and timings.

How can I access the class?

You will be provided with a link when you register and join a course. Clicking  on the link will enable you to see the trainer and  the trainer to see you. You have to enable your camera and microphone. . It is an interactive live class from the relaxed confines of your home.

How can I access the lab from my home computer?

Through GoToTraining software which is similar to WebEx.  This will be explained in details in the class.

What if I cannot attend the class and miss a day or two?

You can repeat the live classes any number of times without paying again. We can send you videos of the live classes recorded daily. You can play the video any number of times. You can also save the videos permanently on your local machine.

What about audio?

Participants can use their computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP) or dial the telephone conference numbers.

You can ask questions in this interactive class over your head set or telephone. You can also ask questions through the chat facility.

I am not able to hear the audio properly, it is breaking.

Please check your head set connection again.


If you still face issues with audio, please dial the conference numbers.

I am unable to play the videos uploaded on your website.

If you are unable to play the videos, please install .wmv player or .vlc player. Avoid to use smart phones to play the videos, please use your laptop to play the videos.

If problem still persists, please contact gototraining customer support team at 1-866-998-6710.

How can I access your daily videos?

You need to register at https://www.getsoftwareservice.com/register.php  to access the daily videos.

Your registration will be approved in 24 hours. You can login to website after approval and access videos. This registration is free of cost.

For any issues, please call Madhu at 215 297 4646 / 416 275 9840


Do I need to install any software on my local machine to access the class?

No, if required Java will be downloaded automatically when you click on the link to join the class.

First time users may not be comfortable, so we recommend you login 30 minutes prior to the class schedule just on the first day to iron out any issues. For any issues, please call us at 215 297 4646 (USA) / 416 275 9840 (Canada).

You need to register at http://www.getsoftwareservices.com/register.php  to access the daily videos.

Your registration will be approved in 24 hours. You can login to website after approval and access videos. This registration is free of cost.

We kindly request you not to call the trainer after the scheduled start time.

How is the market for QA professionals?

QA has an excellent future. As long as development activities are there, testing activities are mandatory.  There is a scarcity of well trained QA professionals in the market today.

What are the pre-requisite for the QA course?

There are no pre-requisites to this course other than using a computer and basic MS Office skills like using MS Excel and MS Word. The Trainer will explain all concepts from scratch. This class caters to all levels of IT skills and the Trainer will conduct 1 on 1 sessions where required. A willingness to learn, curiosity and regular practice is all that you need to bring to the class!

Would you provide special attention to individuals?

We conduct 1 on 1 sessions for home work review and resume walk through,  enabling us to attend to your personal training needs. If you need answers to any specific query, we can also conduct 1 on 1 sessions and explain queries on your computer remotely.

I am a non IT person and never worked in IT, how can you help me?

This class is meant for non IT people and people who never worked in IT. The Trainer will explain all concepts from scratch. If you are willing to learn and practice regularly, you are suitable for IT industry. If you have a desire to update your skills continuously, learn about technology/products,  IT is the right career for you.

I am not comfortable with online classes. How do you make an online class attractive?

We agree with you. If classes are organised properly, online classes come with a lot of advantages – you can access the class from anywhere, you do not waste time on travel. This is the future of IT, remote access, remote teams.  And a great way  for you to start learning how to do it.

We have had great success with our previous batches and feel very confident this is the way to go!.

What is the link to access the class today?

The Training access URL is: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/494933382

(Please book mark this link, you will use the same link to access the class daily)

Audio: Participants can use their computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP) or Telephone conference number:

USA: (773) 945-1031 Canada: (647) 977-5956

Access code: 494-933-382

I haven’t received the running notes and material.

You may find our emails in spam folder some times. Please add info@getsoftwareservices.com to your email contacts list to avoid our emails to go to spam folder. It is advisable to send us your alternate email id also to receive running notes and material.