ISTQB Training

ISTQB Course

We at GSS offer exclusive ISTQB certification training which aims at helping the students in understanding the QA topics, take up mock interviews and clearing the ISTQB certification exam. This course provides in-depth understanding of QA terminologies and concepts that boosts your confidence in taking the exam.

The course is designed as per the ISTQB syllabus which is one of the internationally accepted certificates for Testing. The certification helps demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing.

This Course will help you prepare for the ISTQB foundation level certification exam. Daily HomeWorks and Assignments will make you exam ready and boost your confidence in QA topics.
It helps understand the QA process and concepts with practical examples.

The main take away from the course is, you can apply the techniques in real-time projects and bring the best of testing on the table. We provide notes, materials and recorded videos of all the sessions.

The total Duration of the course is 20 hours and classes are conducted 4 hours per week so that the students get enough time to prepare and revise the topics covered.

ISTQB Course Content

Objective of the Course
Exam Structure
Tips for exam preparation
K1, K2 and K3 question samples

What is Testing?
Why is Testing Necessary?
Seven Testing Principal
Test Process
The Psychology of Testing

SDLC Models
Test Levels
Test Types
Maintenance Testing

Static Testing Basics
Review Process

Categories of Test Techniques
Blackbox Test Techniques
White Box Test Techniques
Experience Based Test Techniques

Test Organization
Test Planning and Estimation
Test Monitoring and Control
Configuration Management
Risk and Testing
Defect Management

Test Tool Considerations
Effective use of Tools

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