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ISTQB Course

We at GSS offer exclusive ISTQB certification training which aims at helping the students in understanding the QA topics, take up mock interviews and clearing the ISTQB certification exam. This course provides in-depth understanding of QA terminologies and concepts that boosts your confidence in taking the exam.

The course is designed as per the ISTQB syllabus which is one of the internationally accepted certificates for Testing. The certification helps demonstrate practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing.

This Course will help you prepare for the ISTQB foundation level certification exam. Daily HomeWorks and Assignments will make you exam ready and boost your confidence in QA topics.
It helps understand the QA process and concepts with practical examples.

The main take away from the course is, you can apply the techniques in real-time projects and bring the best of testing on the table. We provide notes, materials and recorded videos of all the sessions.

The total Duration of the course is 20 hours and classes are conducted 4 hours per week so that the students get enough time to prepare and revise the topics covered.

Aiming at specialists who want to learn the fundamentals of software testing, the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation certification is offered. The core information required by quality assurance specialists or software testers is often included in the Foundation Level Curriculum.

The CTFL certification from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board is a well-known and widely accepted certification in the QA sector. Professionals with ISTQB CTFL certifications are highly prized and praised for their dedication to quality assurance and aspirations for professional progress.

ISTQB Course Content

Objective of the Course
Exam Structure
Tips for exam preparation
K1, K2 and K3 question samples

What is Testing?
Why is Testing Necessary?
Seven Testing Principal
Test Process
The Psychology of Testing

SDLC Models
Test Levels
Test Types
Maintenance Testing

Static Testing Basics
Review Process

Categories of Test Techniques
Blackbox Test Techniques
White Box Test Techniques
Experience Based Test Techniques

Test Organization
Test Planning and Estimation
Test Monitoring and Control
Configuration Management
Risk and Testing
Defect Management

Test Tool Considerations
Effective use of Tools

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    What are the benefits of ISTQB Certification?

    • Universal recognition: One of the best things about the ISTQB is that it can be used across the world and is accepted as a valid certification. As a result, if you have to immigrate or operate for a customer who is abroad, you may do so since you have a qualification that is acknowledged globally.
    • A key phrase for your resume: Having the ISTQB might be the primary consideration between you and landing a high-flying testing job that you can be proud of or being unemployed and binge-watching Friends episodes at home on Netflix.
    • Standardized terminology: Consequently, you may apply the ISTQB to comprehend common jargon. Knowing a common language that can be compared to an acknowledged program may assist you in identifying whether that individual is knowledgeable regarding the subject they are discussing.
    • Enhancing quality assurance: By ensuring that your staff uses a structured approach to testing rather than impromptu methods, the ISTQB will assist in enforcing quality control.

    Who is eligible for the ISTQB Training Course?

    ISTQB Certification training is often a platform-independent profession. Candidates with expertise outside of IT are welcome to enroll in the online ISTQB course, which might pave the way for a profitable IT career for you. The ISTQB testing training does not require any prior expertise. Anyone who has a basic grasp of computer and software testing can enroll in the course. All you need is the will to work hard and an accuracy-focused mindset.

    Why should you choose Get Software Services for your ISTQB Course?

    Get Software Service provides organizations and teams with online and in-person ISTQB Certification training. We suggest alternatives for software ISTQB Certification in addition to manual and automated testing. Live instruction with an instructor, We hold live lectures instead of recording them. You get to speak with the teacher and ask questions in the present tense. Our curriculum gives you tools and skills that are helpful when you start working. It is 100% job-oriented training and includes lifetime access to the LMS, which offers recorded class videos and quizzes.

    What will you accomplish after completing the course?

    You will be qualified to enter the job market after completing the course. In the ISTQB Certification course, we’ll provide you with hands-on project work coaching that will provide you with the abilities you need to deal with work-related issues. Our group discussions and practical interviews will boost your confidence. Our certification at Get Software Service is international. Your resume will be more impressive, and you might be able to leverage this certification to get coveted positions in globally known MNCs.


    Which is the best institute for the ISTQB Training Course in Toronto, Canada?

    Get Software Service is the best institute for online ISTQB Training in Canada.

    Why Should I learn this course from Get Software Services?

    At Get Software Service, our accreditation is worldwide. Your CV will be more valuable, as will your jobs at internationally renowned MNCs.

    Are your classes conducted live online or video-based?

    Get Software Service provides teams and organizations with online, in-person, and video-based training.

    Do you provide an ISTQB Training Course completion certificate?

    Yes. The student will be given a certificate of completion after the course.

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