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Quality Assurance in Agile Development

The Evolution of Quality Assurance in Agile Development

Have you ever wondered how quality assurance has evolved with the rise of agile development? The traditional waterfall methodology is a thing of the past. Today, agile dominates the software development landscape with its iterative approach and focus on collaboration, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. The Application Development Software market is booming, fueled by the growing […]

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API Automation Testing

The Ultimate Guide to API Automation Testing

What is API Automation Testing? API testing involves thoroughly checking an application’s interfaces to ensure they are working according to the functionality requirements. API Automation testing is a process of running automated test scripts via the tool to speed up the testing process and generate accurate test results. API testing ensures different modules in an […]

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Automation Testing in 2023

Top 8 Challenges In Automation Testing in 2023

With the goal of minimizing human interaction and maximizing quality, automation testing involves testing software products using specialized testing tools and frameworks. Automation testing is carried out with the aid of software that manages the execution of tests in accordance with written test scripts. To confirm the accuracy and dependability of the application, they are […]

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Business Analyst in 2023

Future Scope of Business Analyst in 2023

“The Promising Future Scope of Business Analysts in 2023 and Beyond” The role of a business analyst has been growing in importance over the years, and it is expected to have an even more promising future in 2023. As businesses continue to embrace technology, the demand for skilled business analysts is increasing, and there are […]

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Quality Assurance Testing

Overcoming Common Challenges in Quality Assurance Testing: Strategies for Success

The testing process plays a significant role in the Quality Assurance testing process to deliver quality product outputs to the end user. However, to achieve this, the resources must face many challenges to match the client’s expectations. Many organisations have adapted streamlined quality assurance practices to achieve the desired quality levels. In today’s fast pacing […]

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What is QTP/UFT – Advantages and Features

In today’s fast-paced world, software testing is becoming increasingly important for organizations to ensure that their software products meet the highest standards of quality. One tool that has been widely used for automation testing is QTP (QuickTest Professional), now known as UFT (Unified Functional Testing). This tool offers a wide range of advantages and features […]

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst in Software Development

BA techniques are used throughout the software development lifecycle to ensure that the project remains on track and meets the business goals. BA plays a critical role in ensuring the success of a software development project, from gathering requirements and identifying business problems to testing and finding solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders and […]

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Performance Testing

Top 10 Performance Testing Interview Questions & Ans for 2023

Software performance testing aims to evaluate the efficiency with which a programme or system functions. The framework’s responsiveness, speed, scalability, and stability under different load conditions are some of the qualities used to assess, verify, or monitor. The ti is validated over a range of load conditions in the system. People working in engineering and […]

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Performance Testing Types & Best Tools

What is Performance Testing? Performance testing is a non-functional testing method used to assess the system’s stability and responsiveness under various workloads. Performance testing evaluates the system’s qualities, including scalability, dependability, and resource usage. Why Do Performance Testing? Wherever there are known performance risks, performance tests should be planned, designed, and carried out. Unfortunately, reality […]

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The 10 most common problems that business analysts help solve

Business analysts are the glue that holds together a company, helping to bring all the departments and stakeholders together. They’re the ones who make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to their goals and requirements, whether they be technical or business-related. But despite their pivotal role in keeping an organization […]

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