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10 Software Testing Trends to Watch Out in 2021

2021 is expected to be a remarkable year in advancement and up gradation of software testing tools and techniques. IT companies around the world are in a race to implement the best QA practices. A whole new transformation in the software development process cannot be ruled out. As per the prediction, the following ten software […]

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An Evolution from Software Quality Assurance to Test Engineering

Earlier when software development was newly arriving, the act of Quality Assurance (QA) wasn’t as meaningful as it is today. Back then QA was just a formal process of making sure the software fulfils the reasons why it is being prepared. Companies were doing QA simultaneously with software development. It was just a post checking […]

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Skills for Software Testers (ST) Jobs

Skills for Software Testers (ST) Jobs

INTRODUCTION of Software Testers: Software developers always want their software to work flawlessly without any bugs. To fulfill this want they need the assistance of software testers who make sure the software fits the intention. Software testers conduct various automated and manual tests to confirm the perfection of the software. The duties of an ST […]

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What are Types of Software Testing?

Software testing is an action to check whether the real outcomes coordinate the normal outcomes and to guarantee that the product system is sans defect. It includes the execution of a product part or system segment to assess at least one properties of intrigue. Software testing additionally assists with distinguishing blunders, holes, or missing prerequisites […]

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Top 10 Software Testing Tools

Software testing tools are one of the significant parts of SDLC. It is essential to do it appropriately for the accomplishment of your product. You must choose the one that can serve you the best. Given beneath are ten software testing tools alongside their key highlights. 1. Xray Xray is the #1 Manual and Automated […]

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Top Software testing Interview questions

  You are a QA Engineer? Please describe how? I have manual and automation testing experience on platforms and operating systems like Windows, main frames and different flavors of Unix such as AIX, Solaris, UX, Linux, Ubuntu etc.. I have strong knowledge on QA process and documentation skills on test plan / strategy, test cases, […]

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Top 5 Software Testing Trends in 2020

Worldwide necessity of digital technology has taken software testing at its best. Business houses are swiftly realizing the advancement of Agile and DevOps. This persuades the cooperation between testing teams and software development departments. In a report by Gartner Inc. in 2020, developing expenditure in the IT industry will rise by 0.9 trillion dollars. It [...] Read More

What is Scope of Software Testing (QA) in Canada?

Software testing is nothing but the process of checking whether the actual results match with that of the expected results or not. In this process, it is also ensured that the software system is defect-free. In order to evaluate one or more properties of interest, execution of the software component or system component is involved [...] Read More

What is of Scope of Software Testing in USA?

Software testing can be defined as the process in which checking is done whether the actual results are matching with that of the expected results or not. Ensuring whether the software system is defect-free or not is also included in this process. In this process, the software component or system component is executed in order [...] Read More

Know about CMMI

What is CMMI? CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a training and appraisal program aimed at process improvement. It is a collection of very effective and reliable best practices which will help an organization improve its standard and quality. The model assesses current set of practices implemented by a system or an organization and identifies […]

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