An Evolution from Software Quality Assurance to Test Engineering

Earlier when software development was newly arriving, the act of Quality Assurance (QA) wasn’t as meaningful as it is today. Back then QA was just a formal process of making sure the software fulfils the reasons why it is being prepared. Companies were doing QA simultaneously with software development. It was just a post checking without the capacity of making any changes in case of an error.

Slowly with progress in technologies, the act of QA began to take a revolutionary form. Companies weren’t satisfied with just checking. They seek something better and more reliable. Along with proper checking, they wanted to make necessary changes that could furnish the software and make it completely error-free. In search of such a technique, they ended up discovering an updated form of QA that they called test engineering.

Test engineering revolutionized the entire QA system. It made the checking broad and comprehensive. It requires a highly-skilled professional with ample, unprecedented knowledge and ideas. Universities and institutions facilitated specific courses to produce professional test engineers. These professionals enabled real assurance regarding the quality of software that could last efficiently in the long run.

What did propel the evolution ?

  • Changes in users’ need: The technological advancement inevitably brought significant changes in users’ demand. Users have been expecting better features and facilities. They urged for better user experience while running the application. The previously considered QA method couldn’t develop satisfactory products.The changes in users’ demand forced companies to solidify the QA process. The overall quality of software had to be better. Users satisfaction had to be given priority. test engineering is the operation that they found helpful to mitigate bugs up to an extensive range.
  • Software Security: The security of applications has been a major challenge for software makers. Before the adoption of test engineering software were not strongly secured. Virtual threats and cyber-attacks could easily penetrate users’ virtual territory. Security is one essential attribute that consumers always have a check before using an application.Elite test engineering has mitigated weakness and vulnerability to virus and attacks. Users don’t like software that lacks robust protection. The evolution from QA to test engineering has considerably strengthened security.
  • Detailed Identification of defects: Defects in a software downgrade the company’s reputation. If users found bugs or errors while running the application then they would blame the developer. The company’s goodwill can be tarnished through a mistake even if the margin is tiny.During the initial stage of QA, it wasn’t possible to identify defects with cent per cent accuracy. It wasn’t acceptable for companies to launch software that is not completely bug-free. They derived the idea of test engineering to solve this issue.
  • Expansion of features: Due to ordinary quality tests, software were not capable enough to present a broad range of characteristics. Back in the days software rarely have multiple features. Users usually get bored of installing large size applications to get comparatively smaller benefits.The limitation of features faded away when test engineering was implemented. Comprehensive tests and checks opened up the potential and increased the space to add multiple features. Availability of more than one fascinating features made a software loved by every single consumer.
  • Measurement of performance level: A software with reduced performance level can gain massive disapproval from consumers. The organization’s reputation can be heavily belittled. People’s trust is sensitive stuff that gets impacted negatively through the selling of weak products or services. Once you lose the trust it is almost impossible to get it back.With modern-day test engineering, developers can measure the performance level precisely. They can have a complete awareness of how their application is going to perform in the hand of users. There will be no risk of losing trust in the market.
  • Enhancement in the development process: Successful software development requires to solve a lot of complexities. A few years back it wasn’t as convenient as it is today. Before the existence of test engineering, it was not possible to develop an application perfectly. All bugs and errors were not easy to locate and dispatch. It was misplacing the reputation in the market.Companies started to look for solutions. The necessity caused the invention of testing. Test engineering intensifies the development process by checking and rectifying everything to the depth.


Bygone the time of quality control. In today’s world, it’s rare to see software that lacks something noticeable. From just a formal check to comprehensive research and correction we have come a long way. Things have changed in a revolutionary manner that makes test engineers so popular. The evolution is ongoing. More unprecedented and incredible technologies are yet to come. Software companies are always on the hunt to experiment on new ideas and techniques. Only time has the idea of what we are going to see in the future.

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