What is End to End Testing and How to Perform It?

What is End to End Testing and How to Perform It

The prime significance of any software industry is aiming towards excellent quality software with sound innovation. Testing the software product is a crucial phase that guarantees the software product for clients. Though ample testing techniques are embraced in the software industry, end-to-end testing is a leading and celebrated technique observed by many testers and developers. Here are a few details about the end-to-end testing for better understanding.

What is End to End Testing?

End to End is a familiar technique incorporated for testing any application from the beginning till the end with its dependencies. Testers simulate the actual user scenario, and application testing occurs from the client’s viewpoint. The main intention of the testing is to find if the application runs as estimated and if integrity amongst the different system components works well. A failure in any sub-components results in a complete crash of the system. For averting such risks in software development, end-to-end testing stands out as the best testing technique.

Why End to End Testing?

All applications are unified and interrelated with various systems outside the application environment. Hence, the complete flow of the system is complex. In such a scenario, the end-to-end testing assures application testing in all layers. Do you know why an end-to-end test is required?

Focuses on Back-end: The end-to-end testing focuses on the back end of the application and database. The primary functionalities of the application rely on the database layer and back end; hence, checking these layers portrays the performance of applications during critical functions.
Checks behavior of applications: The end-to-end testing checks the functioning of individual layers and overall functioning in applications that owe workflow sub-divided into multiple layers or have complex architectures. The testing detects the behavior of apps in linked systems.
Detects errors in a distributed environment: Cloud environment or SOA-based testing of applications is possible with end to end testing. Moreover, end-to-end testing works tremendously in applications that hold multiple components and mandate a year-round check.
Reusing test cases: End-to-end testing renders an incredible option of implementing reproducible test cases. The test coverage also escalates, offering a confident performance of the application.
Interaction accuracy guaranteed: With the assistance of front-end testing, the accuracy of applications is ensured and offers the best user experience across various environments, devices and multiple platforms.

Benefits of End to End Testing:

The benefits of end-to-end testing are broad and accurate, making it the best technique for testers to opt for.

1. Better confidence: The performance and functioning of testing are thoroughly tested at each layer. The end-to-end testing is accomplished from the user perspective and hence enhances the confidence of the application. There is more incredible pride and assurance while releasing it for the public.
2. Condensed risks: The end to end testing is performed in applications for every sprint or iteration. The stakes become minimal with such quality testing methodology, and the application stands out from the rest.
3. Diminished time and cost: There isn’t any need for repeated tests as the application undergoes thorough testing from end to end. The above cuts down the cost and time of testing wherein drive the business’s productivity.

How to Perform End to End Testing:

Glimpse through the steps required for performing an end-to-end test as given below.
● The first step is the investigation of the requirements. It is equally vital to know a clear picture of the purpose of the application and the way it works.
● Based on the necessities, setting up a test environment takes place.
● Gain an in-depth vision of the hardware and software requirements.
● Pen down the way the systems react.
● Take a list of all the testing methods to follow to test the responses.
● Test cases design plays a crucial role.
● It’s time to execute the test and save the outcomes.
These steps are followed in every end-to-end testing for successful results. Similarly, the end-to-end framework also works exceptionally to ensure the moving parts in the applications are configured perfectly. Few end-to-end testing frameworks include Testim, Selenium, Cypress, Cucumber, etc.


End-to-End testing plays a crucial role in superior-quality software applications and is indispensable for any software testing. Hence, the IT domain is hunting for skillful end-to-end testers for top giant companies that pay attractive scales. Therefore, professionals and graduates with certification training in end-to-end testing gain the advantage of getting recruited in top MNC companies.

With a decade of experience, the trainers at GSS go the extra mile with knowledge and patience to teach every candidate. Our recorded videos, free trial classes and live classes ensure adequate knowledge for candidates enrolling for end-to-end testing. In that way, the GSS software testing training bursts with pride as they provide superior quality training for candidates.

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