Skills for Software Testers (ST) Jobs

Skills for Software Testers (ST) Jobs

INTRODUCTION of Software Testers:

Software developers always want their software to work flawlessly without any bugs. To fulfill this want they need the assistance of software testers who make sure the software fits the intention. Software testers conduct various automated and manual tests to confirm the perfection of the software. The duties of an ST includes software and systems analysis, risk, and issues prevention.

It is one of the highly trendy IT-related jobs because of its nature. Many complex software is yet to launch whose development work is in progress. Software developers are looking for versatile software testers all over the world. Yes, it’s obviously challenging to get this job. A candidate requires certain technical skills and soft skills to create a chance of becoming a software tester

TECHNICAL SKILLS For Software Testers Jobs:

Knowledge of Database/SQL:

Software systems are all about virtual data. It holds massive amounts of data in the background that is stored in numerous forms of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. The requirement to validate data from a particular database depends on the stage of software development. In such situations, the software tester has to use his database knowledge to conduct simple or complex SQL queries to fathom out the availability of proper data in the database backend.

Understanding the Unix Commands:

Unix commands are the essence of modern-day software management. Unix machines are inevitably used in developing software applications like Web-Services, Databases, Application Servers. No other OS has gained as much popularity as Unix. Any candidate willing to become an ST should pay specific attention to the operating process of various Unix commands. You can get some ideas about various Unix commands from the Internet. It’s significantly important to gain any chance of becoming a software tester.

Proper use of Test management tools:

Test management is one integral activity in software testing. Without efficient test management techniques, the software testing process will not end successfully. The term test management simply means rightly managing the test related attributes. HP / MicroFocus ALM QC, Jira, qTest, IBM ClearQuest, etc. are test management tools that help in tracking each written by the software team. Many other test management tools are available to manage important test-related aspects. The software tester has to possess a firm understanding of a variety of such tools and their usefulness. Most companies use these tools to get an accurate result of software testing.

Ample knowledge of defect tracking tools:

Defects in software testing need to be tracked accurately. It’s a crucial section of software testing to track any existing defect and catch the defect life cycle. Managing defects correctly isn’t as simple as it sounds. Defect tracking is quite essential because each team members must acknowledge it including managers, developers, and testers. QC, Bugzilla, and Jira are some of the recognizable defect tracking tools.

Knowledge and Experience in automation tools:

At the entry-level, the ST works as a manual tester. But after gaining experience of a couple of years the ST tends to be an automation tester. The task of automotive testing differs from the task of manual testing. Automotive testing is all about in-depth knowledge and experience of automated tools like Selenium, UFT, SOAPUI, etc. Companies examine knowledge about various scripting languages like Java, VBScript, JavaScript, C#, etc.

SOFT SKILLS For Software Tester Jobs:

Analytical Skills:

A Software tester must have to become an adept analyst. There are a lot of things that will be needed to analyze while testing software. Software systems are complex and required to be divided into small parts to understand elaborately. There are platforms available over the internet where you can test and measure your overall analytical skill. You can go to this link and start your test by solving the given puzzles.

Communication Skill:

Communication skill is very important for a software tester. Excellent written and verbal communication skills help the ST in comprehending the testing artifacts. It’s the everyday job of the ST to exchange conversions with software developers and other IT professionals. The discipline and diplomacy to be used while dealing with them is a critical aspect of communication skills.

Time and Organizational management skills:

Software testing takes quite a while to complete. The ST has to be a prolific schedule maker. Sometimes workload can happen. Taking all the pressure the ST must be able to maintain the productivity level. Being in an organization he should be a great team man.


A Software tester must carry the right attitude too. There will be situations where the character needs to be shown. During the operation, the ST must make the right decision with a brave attitude.


Success in the IT field is all about passion. Passion can make someone from zero to a hero. To be a professional software tester the candidate has to be passionate about the things he is dealing with.

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