10 Software Testing Trends to Watch Out in 2021

2021 is expected to be a remarkable year in advancement and up gradation of software testing tools and techniques. IT companies around the world are in a race to implement the best QA practices. A whole new transformation in the software development process cannot be ruled out.
As per the prediction, the following ten software testing trends can be implemented in 2021.

01. Codeless Automated Testing (CAT):

It is an unprecedented method that Global IT leaders are experimenting. It is done through tools prepared by using advanced AI technologies and visual models. The involvement of AI significantly increases the speed and efficiency of the test and brings results with pinpoint accuracy. It cuts short the requirement of human effort and relies more on robotic processes. Codeless testing produces extraordinary benefits such as effectiveness, ease to review, low learning curve, and saving precious resources.

02. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

It has been several years since technology experts are researching and developing AI methodologies. Renowned IT companies have a high expectation of adopting AI in software development including software testing. The desire to introduce AI is reasonable because it can revolutionize the way of testing. Efficiency, effectiveness and simplification are the attributes AI can bring. Although it is not the thing that can be introduced within a fortnight, 2021 can be the year of AI prevalence.

03. Agile Testing and Automation:

Agile testing also known as the agile methodology is gaining rapid popularity among software developers. Agile testing needs a plan that comprises aspects like scope, functionalities, complexities, infrastructures, resources, risks and milestones. After preparing the plan the next step in agile testing is to form sound strategies. Since agile testing depends completely on automation, it is important to figure out the risks of automation and ways to mitigate them.

04. Big Data Testing:

It is worrisome for companies to deal with a large amount of data while testing software. Most of the time, testers couldn’t cope with it properly and that leads to a mistake or omission. Big data testing has the demand because it enhances decision making and improves data validation with total correctness. By analysing and breaking down large data, developers can easily comprehend the quality in detail.

05. Internet of Things (IoT) testing:

It is the test of IoT devices to make sure they hold the desired quality that can satisfy the market. The demand for IoT devices has been significantly amplifying with the passage of time and the improvisation of technologies. Keeping the exceptional demand in mind, IT leaders want to provide IoT devices with utmost quality. IoT testing is all about solidifying features like Security, Analytics, Device, Networks, Processors, Operating Systems, Platforms and Standards.

06. DevOps Testing:

Around 45% of globally renowned IT companies have shown a profound interest in adopting DevOps testing methods. Associated with agile testing, it is about automation and consolidation of software’s whole lifecycle. In this test, the developers check code into a shared repository for a number times in a day. With every check-in, an automatic verification is performed that authorizes the team to discover errors and bugs in quick time.

07. Blockchain Testing:

Blockchain testing is one of the highly anticipated procedures to be considered in 2021. It is essential particularly for software that deals with cryptocurrency, automation and finance. Blockchain testing differentiates a decentralized network from a centralized one and makes it useful for banking and financial operations. It is a specialized, next-generation testing that plays a crucial role in debugging the code to produce efficient Blockchain applications.

08. Cybersecurity and Risk Compliance Testing:

Cybersecurity has always been a headache for software developers. In 2020, Cybersecurity testing has gained notable attention due to its specific features. It is loved by companies for the assurance against cyberattacks that a software might have to encounter on any day. Cybersecurity testing is the implementation of individual checking done before the Software Development Life Cycle for enhancing protection against virtual threats.

09. The collaboration of Manual and Automated Testing:

Both manual and automated tests have specific advantages and limitations. What can be achieved through manual testing can be a drawback in automated testing and vice versa. Keeping this issue in mind, IT masters has been experimenting with a new testing technique that can come as a combination of both manual and automated testing.

10. Chatbot testing:

It is a completely new testing tactic that was invented during the Covid Pandemic in 2020. The global lockdown forced the formation of this idea. The test is fully robotic without any kind of human intervention. It is expected to get more recognition in 2021.


2021 is going to be a revolutionary year in the IT sector for software companies. The face of software testing methods will encounter major transformation and expansion.

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