5 Major Differences between Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Though quality assurance and software testing follow the same ideology, many believe that quality assurance and software testing are not the same. While discussing software testing, it’s a large department that counts in quality assurance. It is evident and apparent that quality assurance is one of the software testing modules. Testing and quality assurance is highly important for any product in the market.

Quality assurance holds high significance and hence is mandatory in every company for automating work. Quality assurance and software testing play essential roles in every company for a better future for the application.

Software testing and quality assurance are essential parts of software development. Many think they are the same, but they vary in certain aspects. For developing any application, quality and testing are crucial. Though there might be differences among the quality check team, development team, and testing team, the main aim of every section is to deliver an error-free and functional application.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is mandatory as it helps explore the complete product lifecycle to check operations and detect defects. Quality assurance, on the other hand, ensures the perfect development of the app following the proper procedures at all levels. Finally, software testing tests the app’s readiness to release in the market during the final stage.

Software testing is a beneficial procedure that monitors if the product satisfies compatibility, design, and functioning standards. Software testing is a continuous verification and validation procedure with many testing employed at each level to make a better version of the software.

What is Quality assurance (QA)?

Quality assurance aims to maintain the product’s integrity, functionality, service, durability, reliability, design, and product price as part of quality management. The role of the QA testing team is to analyze the statistical data of all stages while developing the product so that it meets the highest quality criteria with minimal errors for a safe product. In addition, quality assurance helps resolve and reduce possible bugs, thereby rendering the management a picture of the techniques and methods for development.

Quality assurance is preventive, process-oriented, and helps achieve enhanced product quality. It manages the workflow of a few methods. Software quality assurance companies ensure the product satisfies the QA parameters during all stages of product development.

Key Differences between Software Testing and QA

  1. Software Testers focus on finding application bugs, conflicts, and errors. Software testers work to detect and fix errors, whereas quality assurance assists in preventing any mistakes or issues during the software development process. Quality assurance considers every step of the development process, but software testing includes activities in the program after the codes are written.
  2. Software testers frequently work as crews called testing teams, while QA engineers work independently. Software testing makes sure the product is secure and error-free to use. Quality assurance ensures that the function and product designs meet the end users’ expectations. In quality assurance, the verification initiates from the beginning of the application and ensures that the software meets industry standards. Software testing starts the confirmation of application functionality based on requirements.
  3. In quality assurance elevates the application development and software process and controls the testing process. Taking software testing into account, it concentrates on test cases and their execution. In addition, the QA counts in solution and product analysis to ensure proper working and meeting the client’s requirements. On the other hand, software testing concentrates on the software’s functionality and the bugs involved.
  4. Quality assurance is product-oriented and is accomplished to validate the functions and features according to clients’ requirements. Software testing is part of quality assurance and control, which helps identify system faults and loopholes. Quality assurance focuses on whether the design meets the stakeholder’s expectation, whereas software testing identifies significant failures and bugs. Testing mainly concentrates on error detection and system control with corrective actions and product orientation. Testing heads toward checking the application’s behaviour, whereas quality assurance overall quality level in the project gets better daily.
  5. QA falls under the management approach that covers team building, training, policies, and tools that help accomplish objectives, whereas software testing a variety of tests for usage. Testing is a part of a quality assurance strategy. QA and testing work to make better software, but QA follows the enhancement of the development process for escalating the quality, whereas testing detects bugs for the same. Henceforth, testing is also termed quality control.
  6. QA engineers take the responsibility to perform quality assurance. They support the project manager in creating the development process for producing software with top-grade quality. QA engineers can estimate the process per international standards, analyze the present state of company processes, develop documents that define company requirements, and develop a plan for corrections. A tester authenticates the developed software’s correspondence to the customer’s needs. His role is to find as many errors as possible in the developed program.


Hence with the points above, the importance of software testing and quality assurance is understood. It is also understood that both are valuable in the software development lifecycle and render better functionality and usability. The roles of a software tester and quality assurance experts are significant in any software development. Both quality assurance and software testing move in the same direction and aim toward product quality. For any software product to succeed, it is necessary to pass quality assurance and software testing.

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