What is the salary of Selenium Tester?

Selenium Testing

We know that the software industry is advancing, so the demand for software testing also escalates. Software testing professionals face challenges periodically where manual testing isn’t possible after every change. In that way, automation testing with selenium proves favorable for software testers. Moreover, a career as a selenium tester helps you succeed and live up to your expectations.

Introduction to selenium

Selenium is a valuable, automated, and open-source testing tool trending today in the testing world. The tests performed with selenium are referred to as selenium automation testing. Testers know that selenium is a group of tools where each tool serves the needs of various selenium automation testing requirements. The web-based software testing tool takes complete responsibility for all software testing needs.

The unparalleled growth in the software industry makes selenium automation testing highly demanding in the coming years. The selenium testing tool is also appropriate for functional/regression testing and flexibility. The effective testing tool aids varied programming languages such as C++, Java, Ruby, and python. The best feature about selenium is that it is easy to achieve cross-browser testing. Hence choosing a career as a selenium tester helps you hit the jackpot in your career.

Selenium automation testing salary by Top giants

Professionals having selenium certification are sure to fly out with bright colors to high positions and attractive salaries. Top tech giants constantly look for qualified selenium professionals. A certified selenium certification will drag you to higher job levels across countries with high package packages. The top tech giants that pay high packages for selenium professionals are

  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini
  • Wipro
  • Deloitte
  • HCL Technologies
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Wipro

Selenium automation testing is a highly demanding profession that leads the pack. Hence, perfectly trained and certified professionals are sure to get placed in high positions.

Selenium automation tester salary

The automation testing market has hit $54.98 billion in 2022 and is out with flying colors. With automation testing tools, software testing becomes time-saving and cost-effective. Henceforth, top companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft pay attractive packages for certified selenium automation testers.

The Indeed reports state that the average salary of the selenium automation tester is $89,569 per year. Dice job listings state the average selenium salary as $800,000 per year. According to the pay scale, a selenium automation tester gains a salary of $83,362 per year.

Selenium tester salary based on experience

The experience of the automation tester has an impact on the pay scale. The salary varies for an entry-level, mid-level, and senior selenium automation tester. An entry-level selenium tester’s salary is $40,500 to $72000 per year. A mid-level selenium automation tester earns from $72000 to $104000 annually. Finally, a senior selenium automation tester obtains a package of $104000 to $124000 per year.

Selenium tester salary according to location

The selenium tester salary for both fresh graduates and experienced varies according to geography and economic factors. Here is a list of top locations worldwide where selenium automation testers are paid high. Let us glimpse the salary package of selenium automation testers in Canada, the USA, the UK, India, and Australia.

By looking at Canada, the selenium automation tester gets an average pay of CA$74,619 per year.
Glassdoor reports state that the average pay scale for selenium automation tester in the USA is $46000 to $85,500.
The UK pays an average of £32,000 – £60,000 per year for selenium testers.
In India, the average pay scale for selenium tester initiates from $300000 to $1200000 based on experience.
Australian selenium tester experts are paid an average of A$121558 per year.

Though the pay package differs for every location, it’s a minimal variation, and testers are paid a handful.

Skills required for becoming a selenium automation tester

By stepping into a selenium automation testing career, it is advisable to develop the below-mentioned skills. Such skills make the candidate as sharp as a needle in a selenium testing career.

Soft skills
Client interaction
Analytical thinking
Time management
Reporting skills
Business analytics and understanding

Programming skills
Selenium web driver
OOPs concept
Web driver API
Selenium IDE and commands
Testing frameworks TestNG and tools
Automation scripting
Test automation
Functional and regression testing
Selenium waits, alerts, and switch windows
Agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery

Such skills add more weightage to the resume and are grabbed immediately by giant tech companies with better pay.


A certification with a selenium automation testing course is valuable to the resume. The pay scale for a selenium tester starts with a higher value and hence a good career path to move on. Enrolling in selenium courses with top institutes like Get Software Service offers extensive training sessions shaping the candidate’s industry ready. The skilled professionals with the latest syllabus add value to the course and the career. Hence associate with Get Software Services for a better career path and to reach great heights in the software testing domain.

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