Top 10 Software Testing Tools

Software testing tools are one of the significant parts of SDLC. It is essential to do it appropriately for the accomplishment of your product. You must choose the one that can serve you the best. Given beneath are ten software testing tools alongside their key highlights.

1. Xray

Xray is the #1 Manual and Automated Test Management App for QA. Its point is to assist organizations with improving the nature of their items through powerful and productive testing.


  • Traceability between prerequisites, tests, and, executions
  • Define reusable preconditions and partner to tests
  • Organize tests in test sets

2. PractiTest

PractiTest is a start to finish the test management apparatus. A typical gathering ground for all QA partners, it empowers full perceiving ability into the testing procedure.


  • Reuse tests and relate results across various releases and items
  • Unique various leveled channel trees to arrange everything and discover anything rapidly
  • Never work twice – with changes, step boundaries, etc.

3. TestRail

TestRail is your hotspot for a versatile, adjustable, online test case for management. It can get set up in not more than minutes with our cloud-based/SaaS arrangement.


  • Efficiently oversee manual and computerized experiments, plans, etc.
  • Get ongoing bits of knowledge into testing progress
  • Boost effectiveness with achievements, individual plans for the day, and email notices

4. HeadSpin

HeadSpin is the world’s initially Connected Intelligence PlatformTM that gives Web, Mobile, IoT, and 5G arrangements. HeadSpin engages improvement, QA, activities, and item groups to upgrade associated encounters and guarantee advanced business achievement.


  • Access to 300+ gadgets over 30+ nations on shared gadget cloud
  • Remote Debugging
  • Real SIM-empowered Android and iOS gadgets

5. Squish

Squish is the GUI Test Automation tool of decision for more than 3000 organizations worldwide to robotize the functional relapse tests. It gets likewise used for the framework trial of their graphical UI (GUIs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).


  • In-profundity support for all significant GUI advances
  • Full support for all work area, mobile, web, and installed stages
  • No reliance on screen captures or visual appearance

6. Selenium

Selenium is the most well-known mechanized testing apparatus. It got explicitly intended to help Automation Testing of useful parts of electronic applications, broad scope of stages, and programs.


  • It offers help for parallel test execution that decreases the time taken in executing identical tests.
  • Selenium needs exceptionally lesser assets when contrasted with other testing tools.
  • Test cases arranged to utilize this testing tool can be executed on any OS

7. Watir

Waitr is an open-source cross-stage web application testing tool. It is a generally dependable and adaptable computerization apparatus of Ruby libraries for internet browsers robotization.


  • It’s free, so there are no expenses to utilize the apparatus.
  • It bolsters various programs on various stages.
  • It is an exceptionally incredible and lightweight tool.

8. AppliTools

Applitools is a mechanized testing tool that naturally approves the look and client experience of the applications and destinations. It is planned in such a way that it effectively incorporates the current tests as opposed to requiring them to make another test.


  • Allows cross program test in different gadgets
  • Provide Interactive visual test reports to the client
  • It is accessible as a cloud administration on-premise

9. TestComplete

TestComplete is a computerized test management apparatus which assists with expanding productivity and lessens the expense of the testing procedure. It’s easy to-utilize interface causes QA groups to execute a mechanization arrangement in less measure of time.


  • Support for various scripting dialects
  • It offers information-driven testing
  • Allows the client to make Customize modules and augmentations

10. Browsera

It is extraordinary compared to other program similarity testing software, which permits the testing site and its components in various programs. This apparatus additionally used to test websites and all site pages for scripting and format blunders.


  • Browsera can rapidly recognize cross-program design issues naturally by contrasting every program’s yield.
  • JavaScript mistakes from each program are gathered and announced after each test.
  • With its website slithering element, it’s straightforward to test all the site pages of the single webpage.

At this point in time, you must be full now with a list of enough names of different software testing tools to discard them off for your advantage. Shortlisting the best among them is again a dreary and very tedious activity.

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