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Difference Between Business Analyst and System Analyst

Difference between Business Analyst and System Analyst

Many prosperous businesses hire business analysts and system analysts for their operations. To escalate the communications and processes in the industry and enhance the performance works best by selecting the best business analyst and system analyst. Individuals curious about proving successful in careers such as system analysts and business analysts should first know the difference […]

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Know about CMMI

What is CMMI? CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a training and appraisal program aimed at process improvement. It is a collection of very effective and reliable best practices which will help an organization improve its standard and quality. The model assesses current set of practices implemented by a system or an organization and identifies […]

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Why do testers need to learn SQL?

A question we are frequently asked by newbie students is why we need to learn SQL. We hope this blog will provide an insight into the question. As testers first and teachers next, we rely on our practical experience and do our best to teach skills that we have used day in and day out […]

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Skills a Tester needs!

What are some of the Skills a tester needs in addition to testing knowledge? A Software Tester needs knowledge of Manual Testing – how to test an application optimally, ability to prioritize and work under time crunch and Testing Tools – Quality Center, Defect Tools, Databases, Sql, Xml, Unix etc. Domain knowledge comes in really handy. […]

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First Day at Work as a Software Tester

First Day at Work as a Software Tester You have been Hired! You have got your dream job as a Software Tester! Congratulations! Now you wonder what the first day/week at work would be? What can you expect? You walk in the first day, someone will meet you (Test Lead/Test Manager), you will be assigned […]

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What to do if the team has no processes at all?

What to do if the team has no processes at all? In this article, we look at what to do if the team has no processes at all? In big organizations, a formal visible process is followed. In smaller teams and organizations, an informal process might exist. People may work with some understanding between themselves […]

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Software Testing Resources

Software Testing Resources In this article, we look at some  of the important books and websites on Software Testing and Quality Assurance.  Software Testing Books: The following are some of the hand-books of Software Testing and Quality. 1. Software Engineering: Roger Pressman 2.  Advanced Software Testing: Volume 2 by Rex Black Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification […]

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Software Testing Tools

Tools used during the Software Test Process In this article we look at some of the tools used during the Software Test Process. Tools that help in various testing activities come under the umbrella of testing tools. The tools help streamline the testing process and automate some of the tasks. They make the testing process […]

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qa interview questions, quality assurance interviews

QA Interview Questions

Popular QA Interview Questions The following are some of the common QA Interview questions.  The answers are more relevant and showcase your knowledge when answered with reference to a project you have worked on. 1. What are the different components of a System Test Plan? 2. What is the difference between a use case and […]

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