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ISTQB V-model of Testing

V-model of Testing: In the traditional waterfall model, which is a linear or sequential model, each activity in the software development life cycle is more or less complete before the next stage begins. The Requirements phase kicks off the project. In the Requirements phase, requirements were collected or elicited from the Customer and captured in […]

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ISTQB Software Test Life Cycle

Software Test Life Cycle or the Software Test Process The Software Test Life cycle addresses the Testing aspect of the Software Development Life Cycle. It includes all activities from Test Planning, writing test cases, test execution to QA sign-off. Many organizations have a team that is independent of the Development team or a part of the […]

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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

What is the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? SDLC  is the way an application is conceived and moved on to fruition or given a form. Computers are faster, do not suffer from tiredness, fatigue, boredom. So any job that requires to be done repeatedly becomes a good candidate for automation. Computers are available 24 x 7, […]

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Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities

Software Tester Roles and Responsibilities Software testing jobs are based on the skills required – all jobs require an understanding of how blackbox or manual testing is conducted. The ability to use any of the test management and defect tools is also mandatory. Other skills include basic Unix skills, SQL querying. The specialization comes with […]

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