Top Software testing Interview questions

  You are a QA Engineer? Please describe how?

I have manual and automation testing experience on platforms and operating systems like Windows, main frames and different flavors of Unix such as AIX, Solaris, UX, Linux, Ubuntu etc..
I have strong knowledge on QA process and documentation skills on test plan / strategy, test cases, defect tracking etc..
I have sound knowledge of applications such as Java, Visual basics, C/C++/CSharp, etc. also I have sound knowledge of applications such as testing client-server, web-based and other programming languages.

  List out the few testing methods?

There are three methods of software testing and they are as follows:

  • White-Box Testing
  • Grey-Box Testing
  • Black-Box Testing

Black-box testing strategy is based on requirements and specifications of the application.
White box testing is a testing strategy based as per internal path, coding structure, and implementation on which the software is tested. This requires in-depth programming knowledge.
Gray box testing is for software debugging only as the tester is not expected to have advanced Programming skills.

  What steps do you verify in white box testing?

In white box testing following steps are verified: a. Security holes in the coding b. Incomplete or broken paths in the coding c. Flow of structure as per document requirement d. Expected outputs e. Any conditional loop in code and check the full functionality of the given application f. Line by line coding to ensure 100% testing is done.

  What is a test case?

When the tester decides as per variables and conditions the testing can be conducted or not also whether it will generate results.

  Explain the difference between non-functional and functional testing?

In Functional Testing

  • This Performed before non-functional testing
  • This is purely Based on customer specifications.
  • This explains what product does

Non Functional Testing

  • This is Performed after functional testing
  • This is as per customers expectations
  • This explains how the product works

  How do you document the components of a test plan?

  • Identify Testing project
  • Collect References
  • List out Test Items
  • Risks factors
  • Prioritize the Items to be tested first
  • Items that were excluded in testing
  • The best Testing Approach
  • Criteria of Test Fail and Pass
  • Test deliverables
  • Set Up a healthy Test Environment
  • Delegation of work within the team.
  • A clear Schedule of Testing
  • Risks and Contingency are to be Planned
  • Finally the Approvals of bosses

  Why is Selenium a preferred tool for Automation testing?

This is an open source tool which is helpful in automating tests performed on web browsers. Open-source testing tools don’t require licensing, price is the great benefit of Selenium’s is being used by everyone. Test scripts are written in Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, .Net & Perl Easy to perform the tests on OS: Windows, Mac or Linux This works on any browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera Integration with TestNG & JUnit can also be done for test cases and reporting Maven, Jenkins & Docker can also be integrated with.

  What is XPath in XML documents?

XPath or XML Path is a query XML documents query for any language. XPath script/query can easily be written on any website. This is mostly for XML documents for very specific processes. Reliable locators can also be produced.

  What is the syntax to launch the browser?

webdriver driver = new chromedriver();
webdriver driver = new firefoxdriver();
webdriver driver = new internetexplorerdriver();

  Define is Latent defect?

Its pre-existing defect in the system, the failure doesn’t arise and due to the exact set of conditions were not met.

  What is regression testing and confirmation testing?

Regression Testing: It is a type of software testing to confirm that there is code change not affecting the existing functions.
Confirmation Testing: The test is detected, reported and fixed. Later the new version of software is submitted after rectifying the defect. This is confirmation testing or re-testing.

  Mention a few basic components of defect format report.

The basic components of defect report format include:

  • Name of the Project
  • Name of the Module
  • Defect found on
  • Defect found by
  • Name of the Defect ID
  • Snapshot of defect
  • Status of Priority and Severity
  • Resolved by
  • Resolved on

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