Software QA Certifications

QA Certifications, Certified QA

Software QA Certifications

Certifications add value to your profile; they provide a benchmark for your software testing skills. The certification increases your efficiency as a Software testing professional. Some jobs are ear-marked for certified professionals only and can lead to an increase in salary.

Certifications help to show the potential employer where you stand and how well you understand the area of software testing.

The main certifications are from:

  1. Quality Assurance Institute [QAI]
  2. International Software Testing Qualifications Board [ISTQB]
  3. HP certifications for tools


  1. Quality Assurance Institute [QAI]:

These exams are run by the QAI and have three levels in increasing order of complexity:

Foundation, Practitioner and Manager.

Certified Associate in Software Testing [CAST] is at the Foundation Level and here the focus in on the fundamental principles, concepts and practices of Software Testing.

Certified Software Tester [CSTE] is at the Practitioner Level and here the focus is on a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality control.

Certified Manager of Software Testing [CMST] is at the Manager Level and here the focus is on competence in software testing & the management skills necessary to manage the testing function.  It provides a  confirmation of the capabilities for software testers working at , or expected to work at the management level.

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  1. International Software Testing Qualifications Board [ISTQB]

These exams commonly referred to as ISTQB certifications have three levels- Foundation, Advanced and Expert.

The Foundation Level qualification focuses on the  practical knowledge of the fundamental concepts of software testing.

After the Foundation Exam, one can obtain the Advanced Level certification in any or all of the three modules – Advanced Test Analyst, Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Technical Test Analyst.

After an Advanced Test Manager certification, an Expert Level certification can be obtained in:

a) Improving the Testing Process

b) Test Management

After an Advanced Technical Test Analyst certification, an Expert Level certification can be obtained in:

a)Test Automation Engineering

b)Security Testing (this exam is in progress and will be effective in 2015)

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HP certifications for tools

Hewlett Packard owns Quality Center(Test Director), QTP and LoadRunner. Quality Center has been renamed as HP ULM and QTP as HP UFT. The HP website has a Software certification portfolio to be qualified as ‘HP ExpertOne’.

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