What is Scope of Software Testing (QA) in Canada?

Software testing is nothing but the process of checking whether the actual results match with that of the expected results or not. In this process, it is also ensured that the software system is defect-free. In order to evaluate one or more properties of interest, execution of the software component or system component is involved in this process. Identification of errors, gaps and missing requirements, when compared to those of actual requirements, can be done through this process.

This process can be done by both manual and automated methods. Verification of Application Under Test is what you may call software testing otherwise (AUT). As the software bugs could be expensive or dangerous, this software testing is very much important. Due to software bugs both monetary and human loss, these software bugs are known to be very dangerous.

There are three types of software testing. They are,

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Maintenance testing

These are just the basic types. The complete list is comprising of more than 150 types and still is being updated with newer types.

Software testing job opportunities in Canada

It is well known that these days, nearly 90-95% of the population in any country is having an online presence in one or another way. In order to stay online or while being online all of them are using some or other kind of software. These have become the basics these days. In such rapidly revolutionizing world, there are greater chances of getting scammed or hacked. The way for these is built by the software bugs. This is why software testing has a greater need in countries like Canada. This produces a vast range of job opportunities in the field of software testing in Canada. Posts like software tester QA, software tester assistant, software test analyst, junior software tester are available to recruit many individuals who are eligible for particular posts.

Software testing job-related statistics in Canada

As the usage of the software is being increased in Canada, there is a gradual increase in the requirement of trained and qualified individuals to fill the posts generated by the software testing field in Canada. The below given are the facts that are indulging the opportunities are

  • All the scales of organisations need quality along with efficacy
  • Almost every software needs to be treated for bugs to avoid its consequences
  • When compared to post, the vacancies in the posts for software testing have increased
  • Online presence of individuals is being contributed to about 60% of today’s business
  • Unlike the other fields, software testing field is taking a long time to fill the vacant job positions due to the lack of awareness regarding the field and a vast number of opportunities it has to utilise from.

The average pay scale of software testing posts in Canada

$27.09 per hour and $52,825 per year is the average salary of a software tester in Canada. From about $40,450 per annum, the salary starts for a fresher in the software testing field. However, an experienced individual can earn about $89,803 per year. $38.46 per hour and $75,000 per year is the average salary of a quality assurance tester compensation in Canada. Unlike a regular job where you get paid irrespective of your performance, in software testing you only get paid depending on your performance. This is why you must work hard to earn great in this field. And in countries like Canada, earn great is more than necessary.

Types of jobs in software testing

In this field, there are various positions, ranging from a simple support person to a full-time dealer of software. As this field too needs support from experts, it is necessary to give them a medium to contact the ones dealing with the software. Similar to any other fields, different grades of individuals need to work together by coordinating with each other all the times. The various jobs in the software testing field are,

  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Team Coordinator
  • Test Manager
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Performance Test Engineer
  • Business Analyst

Job responsibilities of software testers

  • Allotting or describing the testing activities to the subordinates who are, testers or test engineers
  • Planning the test
  • Making sure that all the necessary resources required for the execution of testing activities are available.
  • Making sure that the test is passing hand to hand through all the planned passes or not
  • Preparation of the status report of the testing activities
  • Interaction with the customers
  • Regular updating of the testing activities to the project manager
  • Reading and understanding of all the necessary documents that need to be tested
  • Deciding how to test based on the above-procured information
  • Informing the test lead regarding the requirement of resources for the testing to be done
  • Development of test cases and prioritisation of testing activities
  • Execution of all the test cases
  • Reporting of defects
  • Defining the severity and priority for each defect
  • Fixing of defects

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How to Learn Software Testing in Canada

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