Scope of Selenium Jobs in Canada

Canada is the most preferred nation for selenium professionals from across the globe. Many IT Professionals migrate to Canada because of great opportunities and quality of life. Canada has an Express Entry program for IT Specialists to migrate to Canada.

If you are a Selenium specialist and planning to move to Canada, this article will help you make a better decision.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source automation testing platform used for testing various applications. The Selenium web driver computerization system is significant for electronic test mechanization. It is an augmentation to Java that gives property to stage autonomy.

Job opportunities for Selenium Specialists in Canada

In Canada there is a very huge demand for selenium experts as Canada is known for IT hubs, large scale businesses or start-ups. In Canada, the job role of selenium depends on many factors like his/her level of skills, past experience, how specialist he/she will be in that field.

In comparison to other industries, Selenium experts are very demanding in the Canadian market. As far as automation testing is concerned, Selenium Automation Testing is leading in the marketplace as of now. Being Open Source software, people who are interested in Selenium can learn in a better way to find their place in leading organizations.

Selenium has a wider scope and its future is as sharp as tools are emerging. There are distinct selenium courses available in a professional manner to learn more clearly about Selenium web driver scripts and its frameworks. The future is with qualified test automation engineers. 

Selenium Specialist Average Pay Scale in Canada

The average salary of selenium professionals is between CAD $102,370 to CAD $105,370 per year. The new entry roles or positions salaried at CAD $65,000 per year. It depends on the experience, job profile, educational background, specialization, etc.

Selenium Job Industry

A large portion of the organizations procures advanced showcasing experts on a full-time premise. The vast majority of the understudies or new alumni in a conclusive semester are procured on a temporary job premise by organizations, the same number of schools have an entry-level position as obligatory in the school educational program.

The following are the rundown of famous occupation types 

  • Full-time 
  • Agreement or contract basis
  • Internship
  • Freelancer
  • Part-time

Best Cities in Canada for Selenium Jobs: 

Selenium experts have huge career opportunities in the very popular cities of Canada like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary. As these are the big cities in Canada, there are large opportunities and demands.

Job responsibilities of Selenium professional

To hire a software developer, one must have known the following basic skills:-


  • Must be able to schedule, plan and track the test activities
  • Must be able to plan and design the testing strategies
  • Ability to track and manage the activities related to test
  • Knowledge of manual and automation test processes and cycles
  • Skill to estimate the team efforts
  • Skill to manage people
  • Knowledge of agile testing methods
  • To understand and analyze the testing requirements of the project
  • To organize the kick-off meeting for the team members
  • To define the testing strategies
  • To build a testing professionals team with full motivation, skills, and attitude
  • To arrange the software and hardware requirement to set up the testing environment

Required skills and Certifications to be Selenium experts

For Selenium professional you must have the following skills:-

  • Certified in java is a requirement
  • Certified in Automation tester
  • Bachelor’s Degree to Higher 
  • Add-on benefit of having a PG degree or diploma or certification in software developing
  • One must be good analytical skills to solve any query

General skills:-

  • Good communication skills
  • Team management skills
  • Time management skills

Canada Immigration & Visa Process

  •   You need to start with completing your language ability tests
  •   Then you need to create a profile for Express Entry
  •   Then you need to complete your ECA
  •   Even though it is optional, you can apply for Provincial Nomination
  •   Then get an invitation to apply
  •   Completion of medical as well as criminal background checks
  •   Reviewing of Application by Canada immigration officer
  •   Get the confirmation of your PR status
  •   Apply for your PR card

Please check the details about Express Entry on the Official Website. 

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