Roles & Responsibilities of Selenium Tester


Software testing is a central aspect of the software development life cycle. Mega corporations like Facebook and Amazon work towards continuous deployment, which leads to testing. A software testing process is conducted either manually or in an automated manner. Today’s business mandate prompts deployment, output, and testing, which has triggered the need for automated testing. Automation is flourishing in the IT industry today.


Moreover, automation with Selenium has higher demand as it’s an open-source framework that automates web application testing. A career in selenium automation indeed helps you come out with flying colours. The demand for software testing jobs is at its peak, with 27,453 new openings presently, with 5,297 job openings for selenium testers alone. By looking at the statistics, it is evident that the opportunities in selenium testing are massive for a bright career path.

Why is a test automation engineer required?

A test automation engineer is mandatory for better working and the best results from the software. Automation test engineers are highly important as they perform automatic tests on the latest and present software by designing and developing programs. With the help of various tests, the test automaton engineers research software issues, write automation scripts and develop programs with the assistance of test automation guidelines. They coordinate with managers and software developers to enhance the quality of the final market product.


Here is a quick outline of the software development and testing role.


Requirement: The demands and requirements that help to develop the end product are penned down.
Designing: The Design is based on customers’ requests, and specifications are met.
Implementation: Based on the particulars and needs of the customer, developers write and execute codes.
Testing: The Testing phase is crucial for any software-developed product. The software is tested multiple times in this phase to ensure the product meets the customer’s specifications. The testing phase enhances reliability, quality, and product performance.
Maintenance: The maintenance phase takes up its role after completing the previous stages successfully.

Benefits of being a Selenium Test Automation Engineer


As outlined below, the benefits to enjoy as a selenium test automation engineer are innumerable.


  •  The selenium career path is excelling and escalating rapidly with countless job opportunities worldwide.
  •  The time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks are automated with selenium testing, which paves the way for selenium testers to enhance the efficiency and speed of software testing.
  •  Automated tests decrease the possibility of human errors and produce consistent results each time a program is run. Moreover, the reliability of the tests is enhanced.
  • Automated testing has decreased the need for manual testing leading to better cost-saving factors in terms of resources and time.
  • With automated testing, a comprehensive and broader testing coverage is achieved, ensuring wider aspects of application testing.
  • Testers get prompt feedback about the quality of the application with automated testing. The above helps developers quickly identify and fixing of issues.
  • With selenium testing, defects are highlighted in the earlier stages of development, which helps develop high-quality software for customers.

Roles and Responsibilities


There may be variations in the roles and responsibilities of selenium testers amongst companies. However, check out the pointers to know a selenium tester’s interesting roles and responsibilities.


  •  Examining the business needs to determine the testing technique by automation testing.
  • A selenium automation tester must develop new test scripts.
  • Maintenance of present regression suites and test scripts is an important responsibility of the selenium tester.
  • The testers must attend agile meetings for backlog refinement, sprint planning, and daily scrum meetings.
  • Testers to execute regression suites for better results.
  • Must provide results to developers, project managers, stakeholders, and manual testers.
  • Having a good insight into the application, business requirements, and its components.
  • Framework functions updating
  • Automation test scripts are developed and executed.
  • Selenium testers review test reports, and test summary reports are prepared.
  • The selenium tester must prepare test cases and scenarios and execute the results. They also test results.
  • Must observe daily and also report if there are any defects.
  • The selenium tester is responsible for all meetings and client calls regarding the project.
  • Must send the clients weekly, and daily status reports.
  • Assist any newly recruited tester by knowledge transfer.
  • Responsible for implementing automation using JAVA, Selenium Web driver, Selenium grid, Maven, and cucumber.
  • The roles and responsibilities of a selenium tester include understanding and examining test requirements.
  • Design and implementation of automation framework.
  • Setting up selenium test environments such as selenium web driver, Maven integration, TestNG, Java, and Jenkins integration.
  • The selenium tester must create test cases with selenium web driver commands and element locators and also inspect elements.
  • The tester must escalate test cases using JUnit/ TestNG annotations and Java programming.
  • The selenium tester must also maintain automation resources.
  • The tester must set up a selenium environment for preparing scripts, selecting language, and preparing tool setup.
  • The tester’s other responsibilities include locating elements, picking them with various properties, and storing them in prepared scripts.
  • The selenium tester must prepare test cases in the preferred language.
  • To enhance the test cases, the tester must continuously add and escalate test case scripts to develop robust test scripts.
  • Once the test is executed, the suites highlight the bugs and faults. The tester must resolve the bugs and assign the new issues to the developer team.

Skill for Selenium Test Automation Engineer


The list of skills is essential and helps selenium test automation engineers explore all avenues in the testing domain.


  • Framework designing
  • Deep understanding and skills in languages like Python, C#, Perl, Java, XML, SQL, CSS, and HTML help the tester hit the jackpot. Though the tester is proficient in various programming languages, the language used by the developer team is crucial, and the tester must excel in that language.
  • Creating test scripts
  • It is appreciable if the tester is killed in selenium web drivers. In-depth programming language is essential for selenium testers working with QTP or UFT.
  • Extraordinary skills in manual testing
  • Experience in manual testing skills would be an added advantage to becoming a skilled selenium test engineer and excelling in the testing domain.
  • Experience in Selenium
  • Selenium has become an indispensable aspect of the world of automation testing. Possessing working experience and good Knowledge of Selenium helps the tester manage the roles and responsibilities of a selenium tester.
  • Understanding business requirements
  • Selenium testers must know the ins and outs before the testing session initiates. The tester must be conscious of the Programming language employed by the developer team
  • Must be aware of the device requirement or platform where the end-users will execute the application.
  • Knowledge about databases utilized for backend storage.
  • Knowledge of API or web services linked to the system and its use.
  • A good understanding of functions and features after the application goes live.

How To Become A Test Automation Engineer


Becoming a test automation engineer becomes fruitful if properly planned and executed. Follow the below few tips to become a successful test automation engineer.


  • Enthusiasts choosing to test as their career must have sound Knowledge of basic testing by learning the basics of testing.
  • Take advantage of free, open-source tools and polish your skills as early as possible.
  • Good Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C, Perl, Python, CSS, SQL, HTML, or XML is essential to excel in testing.
  • An automation testing engineer requires a wide knowledge of software and testing applications.
  • An enthusiastic testing professional must keep an eye on the industry’s latest test automation and software testing trends. Knowing best practices, techniques, and tools leads to a successful career.
  • Enrolling in courses and certifications is possible to become a test automation engineer.
  • In that manner, Get software service is an excellent software testing company specializing in selenium course training. Apart from training with the latest tools, strategies, and services Get software service and offers job support for applicants joining the course. Associating with such leaders helps individuals turn prosperous in their careers.


Selenium testing automation engineer is a highly demanding job role in the IT domain presently. Individuals choosing to become testers are sure to rock their careers and reach great heights as the job opportunities are innumerable across the globe. Companies like the Get software service ease your journey of becoming a selenium tester by offering better selenium courses. Get software service to have the best curriculum that matches the industry standards and shapes the individual industry ready. Join the course and get ready to rock as selenium software testers.

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