How to Become a Business Analyst (BA) in Canada

How to Become a Business Analyst (BA) in Canada

Basics of Business Analyst:

A Business Analyst (BA) is an essential role in a company whose job is to figure out the changes that the company needs with the flow of business. BA also determines the technological adoption to be done to enhance the operating process. In simple terms, the BA works as the bridge between business and IT.

Being a BA in Canada is a kind of profession that represents prestige and money. It’s a dream of many IT and commerce enthusiasts to achieve this particular position one day. Several criterions have been set to select a BA in Canada.

Educational Background Required for Business Analyst Career:

A person with educational background such in information systems, business, accounting, human resources is considered suitable. Graduation in these academic fields from renowned universities favors significantly. A professional course in software management, IT and AI, HR management, business, and accounting operation plays a crucial role in the selection process.

Currently, it’s a kind of revolutionary period going on in the recruitment of BA, not only around Canada but in every other country as well. Canadian schools and universities are ensuring brilliant facilities to build a career as a BA. They enable thorough teaching and knowledge gaining study processes.

These facilities have expanded the opportunity which directly increases the competition. Companies want to hire analysts who have a high level of proficiency and effectiveness. A certificate from famous universities works as proof of proficiency and attracts bigger companies to hire you.

What to Learn to become a Certified Business Analyst?

It’s true that a good learner possesses higher chances of becoming a BA. You have to hold ample knowledge about certain aspects to successfully do the job. The attributes that someone should learn to become a BA are explained below.

Business Analysis Process:

The art of business analysis is successfully done by following certain universal processes. The business analysis processes are elaborately delineated in the Business Analysis Core Standard from IIBA. It is like a small document of around 50 pages that contain essential information describing the business analysis processes.

Business Analysis Tools:

The work of a BA highly depends upon technical tools. It’s all about IT and future generation technologies. A Business Analyst must clearly understand the use of modelling and diagramming tools. These are important to manage projects and estimate requirements. The Microsoft Visio is one business analysis tool-set that is popular among organizations.

Domain of interest:

The business analyst employment comes in various types. It depends on what type of business the company runs. When you think to choose this career, you must select your interested domain. Many detailed handbooks are available on the internet that means to help BA enthusiasts in finding the domain. is one address where you can get an overview of domains.

Behavioral Skills:

 To be a business analyst being wise is one must-have attribute. In Canada, specific attention is given to judge the behavioral skills of a business analyst aspirant. It’s a part of the intelligence test as the BA has to show behaviors as per the occasion with the aim to achieve targeted objectives. Behavioral skills are soft skills including

    • Communication skill
    • Negotiation skill
    • Facilitation skill
    • Analytical thinking skill
    • Problem-solving skill
    • Decision-making skill
    • Vision for the bigger picture
    • Interpersonal skill

Business Analyst (BA) Certifications:

Companies believe in passion, skill, and approved certifications. Becoming a BA gets easier if you have got the required certificates. A student achieves certificates after completing exams through thorough study and hard work. It works as profound evidence of the candidate’s knowledge and skill level.

In Canada, the ECBA certificate from IIBA helps a lot to fresher BA aspirants. Any company will consider it as an absolutely valid identification of the candidate’s attributes. Its validity is not limited within Canada but can be credible anywhere in the world.

BA Salary & Packages:

Once you become a certified professional business analyst in Canada, the money will never be a problem for you. Companies offer lucrative packages with excellent additional accommodations.

In Canada, an average yearly package of a BA is up to $78,903 which means he will earn $40.46 per hour. The yearly package for an entry-level BA is up to $38,041 while an experienced BA can make around $134,134 per year.

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