Future scope for Business Analyst (BA) in Canada?

With quick changing economies everywhere, this has given birth to new business strategies with increase in demand for genius solutions. Subsequently, now it is difficult to match the wants of the customers with traditional business methods.

Here the requirement of business analyst emerges into the picture, to create the most adequate decision to the current needs with the help of technology.

Project managers are diversifying the business analysis skills to boost their job profiles. To add a feather to their career level upwards with the Business Analysis certifications.

Who is a Business Analyst ?

A person who not only understands the local business methods but also business ethics and to identify the prospects of the industry. A stranger or a non resident would find it difficult to analyze any business in their first job unless they are specially blessed.

What are the qualities of a business analyst

A business analyst has to possess quality of anticipation, assumption, analytical view of statistical data from the historical records, business at macro level and at micro level. The analyst is expected to be a specialist in a specific business and has to possess vast knowledge of industry trends and changes.

The candidate should understand the multi-cultural society, especially of Canada. Where a new immigrant faces many hurdles to understand the local laws and culture of the land. Also provide technology based solutions for improvising the processes systems.

A business analyst is a bridge between the IT services and the actual business and also internal departments and the external stakeholders.

Job opportunities of business analyst in canada

There are a good number of jobs and endless opportunities for “A Business Analyst in Canada”.

A latest survey revealed that IT project managers, software engineers and business analysts have high demand and less supply as compared to requirement. Skilled professionals are scarce.

To become a business analyst purely depends upon personal skills and astuteness. In spite of qualification the following qualities are also recommended like smartness, fast decision maker, problem solving skills, 360 degrees of thought process with high precision of judgment.

Qualifications required for a business analysts:

  • A degree in business administration, accounting or finance
  • Relevant work experience
  • Masters degree or a professional degree will be an added advantage

Average Salary Of A Business Analyst In Canada.

Starting salary for a fresher will be around $35,000.00 per year. A well experienced may get $80,000.00 to 150,000.00 per year .

Job responsibilities of a Business Analyst

  • To decide whether the business demands outsourcing or in-sourcing
  • Scope of the project
  • Budgeting, forecasting and pricing
  • Software implementation
  • To collect the entire project information
  • Communicating the same to the team as per their role in the project
  • Test the acceptance of the project.
  • Communicate with the client about the business
  • Every aspect should be for the perpetual existence and profitability of the business.

For immigration to canada business analysts in the category of “skilled worker”

  • Its recommended to have prior experience in Business Analyst in Canada.
  • Good education background and Top bands in IELTS score are required to clear the cutoff.
  • This profile is on a fast-track immigration system or Express Entry. This is the swift way for skilled workers for Canadian immigration. As compared to many occupations this has strong growth prospects and also a high profile job career

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